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Hospitality e  Tourism

Our Goal with the Core


Our objective with Tourism is to prepare, train, qualify, develop and discuss with entrepreneurs the best ways to develop and improve their companies, seeking new ideas, new markets, technologies, innovations, developing suppliers and creating projects and programs capable of changing the segment for the better.

Who can participate in the Hospitality and Tourism Nucleus?

Hotels, inns, travel agencies, tour guides and other establishments and professionals in the field.

To be part of the Nucleus, do you need to be associated with ACIT?

Yes, it is necessary to establish a link with ACIT through the association. We are a non-profit organization that works on behalf of the entrepreneurs of Taubaté, the association is important to strengthen and support our projects.

How to start the association process?

Without commitment, you can attend up to 3 meetings of the Nucleus, to elaborate your decision. Later, if there is interest in continuing to participate, you can contact the ACIT team to start the process.

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