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Municipal Tourism Council

Objective: COMTUR, together with the Municipal Department of Culture and Tourism, is a consultative body, with the objective of evaluating and proposing changes to plans and programs for the development of tourism areas that may be proposed for Taubaté.

Representatives: Marcelo Gomes Matera (Director for Tourism Relations) and Marcus Alam Zehuri (ACIT Associate).


Municipal Housing Council

Objective: It is an institutional channel for the participation of the population in the housing management of the city. Of a deliberative, supervisory and consultative nature, with a tripartite composition of all segments that work in the area of housing, and with the fundamental principle of maintaining parity in relation to the representation of the Public Power, Popular Movements, Market Agents and organized Civil Society. .

Representatives: Everton Carlos Tuan (Director of Agreements) and Neiva Maria Dos Santos Arantes (Administrative Director)


Municipal Environmental Council

Objective: It is a deliberative and advisory body of the Municipality of Taubaté, on issues related to ecological balance and the fight against environmental pollution, throughout the Municipality area.

Representatives: Maria Teresa Almeida Ronan (Agribusiness Advisor at ACIT) and Ricardo Matsuda (CFO)


School Feeding Council of the Municipality of Taubaté

Objective: Their main function is to ensure the implementation of quality school meals, through the inspection of public resources transferred by the National Fund for the Development of Education (FNDE), which complements the resources of the States, Federal District and Municipalities, for the execution of the National School Feeding Program - PNAE.

Representatives: Paulo César Severo (ACIT Manager) and Ricardo Matsuda (ACIT Financial Director)


Municipal Board of Education

Objective: It is a body linked to the Municipal Department of Education in charge of advising the Municipal Executive in the formulation, implementation and evaluation of municipal public policies in the educational field.

Representatives: Amanda Zarzur Bevilacqua Marcondes and Hérlon Yoshio Gomes Ashiuchi (Members of the ACIT Education Center)


Municipal Council of Science, Technology and Innovation

Objective: COMCTI - Mixed body of a consultative and deliberative nature, whose purpose is to promote the discussion, proposition and monitoring of public policies on science, technology and innovation, as well as to support the scientific and technological development of the Municipality.

Representatives: Altair Emboava de Araújo and Daniel de Faria Pereira (AcIT Relationship Director)


Board of Tax Appeals of the Municipality of Taubaté


Representatives: Neiva Maria Dos Santos Arantes (Administrative Director) and Paulo Cesar Severo (ACIT Manager)


UNITAU University Council

Representatives: Ricardo Vilhena (President of ACIT) and Everton Carlos Tuan (Director of Agreements)

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