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de Gastronomia 

ACIT's GASTRONOMY NUCLEUS is a working group formed by ACIT's associate businessmen in the Hospitality (Bar, Restaurant, Café, Bakery, Hotel, Inn) and Gastronomy (Supermarket, Butcher, Market, Equipment, Event, Drink) segment.

Its objective is to prepare, train, qualify, develop and discuss with entrepreneurs the best ways to develop and improve their companies, seeking new ideas, new markets, technology, innovation, developing suppliers and creating projects and programs capable of changing the segment for the better. .



We believe that working together in the most diverse areas and needs of action, seeking solutions that come "from the bottom up", that is, presented and developed by the entrepreneurs themselves, with the help and support of ACIT, which is a simple mediator/facilitator, seeking to together new professionals, suppliers and service providers, we will be able to achieve great results, exchanging information, experiences and partnerships in the most diverse areas and ways of searching.

Who can be part of the core?

Companies associated with ACIT. The company will be considered nucleated from the 3rd consecutive participation in Nucleus meetings, and must maintain a minimum attendance of 75%. The non-associated company will be able to learn about the dynamics of the Nucleus by participating in up to two meetings, then there is the need to join the entity.

Bars - Restaurants - Cafes - Pizzerias - Bakeries - Hotels - Inns    Supermarkets - Butchers - Markets - Equipment - Events _cc781905-5cde-3193d-6cf58d_ Drinks Equipment

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