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Internship Program
ACIT and Instituto Talentos

The ACIT Internship Program, in partnership with Instituto Talento , aims to grant companies the possibility of hiring students from different areas who seek internship opportunities to enter the job market._cc781905-5cde-3194-bb3b -136bad5cf58d_


The great advantages of hiring an intern through the ACIT Internship Program are:

  • The creation of opportunities in the labor market;

  • The advantageous benefits for the company;

  • Not have an employment relationship;

  • Do not have social, labor or social security charges;

  • Scholarship and transportation allowance defined by the company;

  • Time optimization and greater practicality in the process;

  • Hiring can be carried out by MEI, self-employed professionals with registration in the class body, small to large companies.


The ACIT Internship Program is regulated by Federal Law 11,788/08 , and students over 16 years of age, from high school, high school professional education (technician) and higher level (technologist), higher education, distance education and special education schools.

We propose a differential in our Internship Program, because:


  • We carry out all the management of the intern for you;

  • We carry out Recruitment and Selection with Behavioral Profile Analysis;

  • We issue and control Internship Agreement Terms and Reports (Internship Law No. 11,788/2008);

  • We provide training during the term of the contract;

  • We have mandatory insurance included in the contract management.

  • We assist in monitoring and evaluating the intern's performance.

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